We like it when drinks taste good and we have found our customers appreciate it.

And now, a decade after the doors first swung open, after ten jubilant years of cocktail trends and resurgences, the multitude of influence from each great bartender to walk the boards behind the bar, and the maturation and sophistication of Wellington’s drinking set, Hawthorn Lounge is still shining a light for appreciative imbibers the world over.

With a combined 30 years experience currently behind the bar, paired with ten years of concept and style success, Hawthorn Lounge always aims to please and impress.  And with their welcoming friendly manner Hawthorn Lounge’s bartenders will make you feel as though you’ve finally found home.

As the bar’s intimate interior lends itself to many convivial interactions between guest and bartender, guests will quickly discover the drink list is just the beginning, and that after a little chit chat and a few friendly inquiries they just might find themselves faced with the perfect cocktail – personally tailored to their taste, mood, intent and fancy.

With an array of inquisitive minds behind the bar, possessing a penchant for trivia and historical anecdotes, our latest menu inspiration takes a long look back through the annals of human history.

Presented in the style of trivia questions and broken into categories, each drink has a fascinating story of inspiration and origin. This menu travels through the 1300’s to the 1500’s, ranging through tales of great individuals to medicinal cures of the middle ages, to the refined art form of 13th century China.

“What is the name of the fabled Swiss master of the bow, famous for toppling tyrants and assassinating apples?”

“Which fruit and symbol of wealth and hospitality has travelled the world and become a highly favoured ingredient in many tropical drinks today?”

Intrigued? Come, take seat at the bar and sip your way to enlightenment in the pursuit of fine cocktail and trivia satiation.