We like it when drinks taste good and we have found our customers appreciate it.

And now, a decade after the doors first swung open, after ten jubilant years of cocktail trends and resurgences, the multitude of influence from each great bartender to walk the boards behind the bar, and the maturation and sophistication of Wellington’s drinking set, Hawthorn Lounge is still shining a light for appreciative imbibers the world over.

With a combined 30 years experience currently behind the bar, paired with ten years of concept and style success, Hawthorn Lounge always aims to please and impress.  And with their welcoming friendly manner Hawthorn Lounge’s bartenders will make you feel as though you’ve finally found home.

As the bar’s intimate interior lends itself to many convivial interactions between guest and bartender, guests will quickly discover the drink list is just the beginning, and that after a little chit chat and a few friendly inquiries they just might find themselves faced with the perfect cocktail – personally tailored to their taste, mood, intent and fancy.

Expanding on the musical theme of our Visa WOAP 2017 inspiration, we began looking at how different music venues have shaped and progressed music culture in Wellington. From long running music institutions like Havana Bar, to the cities’ recent losses of Mighty Mighty and Bar Bodega, trailing all the way back to Il Casino during the advertising industry’s hey-day, to the 70’s disco glam of Dr John’s, and the progressive, peace loving era of Monde Marie folk bar.

The music, era, popular culture of the time, and personality of each venue provided the influence for each cocktail’s ingredients.

Mighty Mighty – the madhouse of wonder and delight. And who could resist with the fabulous Sally Thompson at the helm? Who was known, on occasion, to play the part of officiant, joining merry patrons in holy matrimony… Inspiring us to base our ‘Mighty Mighty’ cocktail around the Sacred Spring C.G.R. Merchant & Co Chocolate Gin – lending an air of aphrodisiac and romance. Adding Gunpowder Rum, sherry and a bitter Italian Vermouth resulted in a slightly nutty, bitter, chilli chocolate drop.

And ‘Valhalla’, a nod to long time bar and refuge for rock and metal enthusiasts. Valhalla being the name for the Norse warrior heaven, the Hall of the Slain – we looked to Northern Europe for illumination, resulting in the combination of a house-made Swedish Punsch with hints of bergamot, caraway and fennel seed spices and dried tea. All bound together with our house-made dry-style Damson Plum Vodka infusion. Appropriately served in a ‘skal’ or goblet. Skol!