Wellington's Best Kept Secret...

Established by the McKenzie brothers, this intimate and inviting little speakeasy is a home away from home for both the cocktail connoisseur and the cocktail curious.

When the doors first opened it was with a hiss and a roar, delighting all those lucky enough to find their way to the hidden entrance.


Hawthorn Lounge

2/82 Tory St
Wellington, 6011
New Zealand
Phone: 04 890 3724
Email: hawthornlounge@gmail.com



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This years’ #wellyonaplate cocktail is accompanied by a selection of Petit Four, handmade by Kate at @Tomboy.World War 1 meant food supplies were of minimum stock. Sugar, in particular, was only available to those who were wealthy.Petit Fours were the perfect accompaniment for this 1920s inspired drink. #hawthornlounge #cocktailwelly : @luke_calder_photography

To make our #cocktailwelly approachable to the everyday customer, we have chosen to go a step further.To those who aren’t regular imbibers of the renown herbal liqueur, Chartreuse can be an acquired or unusual taste. Highly underrated and thrashed in some high volume bars, Chartreuse is the perfect binding agent in cocktails, filling in gaps that might otherwise be hard to fill. With two different types of the brand, Yellow Chartreuse holds notes of summer grass, dandelion, hay and wheat. A perfect pairing to infuse with Honeycomb.#hawthornlounge #wellyonaplate : @luke_calder_photography

To make our #cocktailwelly approachable to the everyday customer, we have chosen to go an extra step further.Bartenders for decades have infused, or 'fat washed' liquor with fats or oils to extract certain flavours or textures. Popular ingredients to infuse include ingredients such as bacon, butter, milk, and olive oil.A martini is timeless and classic, but the more common of palates aren’t accustomed to the boozy, striking and strength of a spirit forward cocktail. We have infused our chosen vermouth with Whittakers White Chocolate to bring a creamy, dairy-sweetness to our drink.#hawthornlounge #wellyonaplate : @luke_calder_photography

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Wellington's Inviting Little Speakeasy